Jewlawilla services

    We have more than 5,000 designs of Ring, earrings and pendant available together with 100 new designs each month. We also provide designs according to your preference by using CAD design to create 3D virtual design before making samples. With a combination of over 10 years experienced team and high technology, we possess a secret of high quality of jewelry production. We are attentive to every step of production line.

Master mold Master mold

     The next important step after creating new jewelry design is to build wax master. Thanks to modern technology that facilitates us to export wax master from 3D CAD programs speedily and easily. You imagination will come true. No matter how scrupulous the design is, our hand carved wax master artisans will achieve your unique design.

Casting Casting

    Process of transforming the wax model into a beautiful PRECIOUS METAL model requires the skills and experience of professionals.

Filing Filing

    This step needs skilled workers with long experience since it is essential that not only a minimum filing should be done to save time and unnecessary workload, but also to preserve the maximum amount of metal.

Setting Setting

    We can do all kind of setting as Prong setting, Pave setting, Basel setting, Channel setting, Crystal and Marcasite glue. Not only stone set, but also enamel and antique jewelry can be done.

Polishing Polishing

    This process is to form metal smoothness and gloss. Moreover, it eliminates flaws to increase shininess and luster to the final jewelry.

Plating Plating

    There are various types of plating we do offer to increase luster and metal color to your jewelry such as Silver, Rhodium, Yellow Gold Plate, Rose Gold Plate, Black Rhodium, and etc.

Packaging Packaging

    Packing case and packaging are necessary to protect your jewelry. Therefore, we also offer full service packaging and shipping.